“My mission, as your massage therapist, is to hold a safe space for healing and relaxation, while providing quality work that promotes complete health.”     ~ Mindy Parsons, LMT

Mindy was always in love with the ocean.  Born in Sitka, Alaska and then moving around the Pacific Northwest for much of her life, Mindy felt a strong pull back to the water and ended up in Yachats, Oregon.  She lives here with her husband and two kids!


Drawn towards her calling to help those around her, Mindy chose her path to a career as a massage therapist.  She was licensed in 2013 at the Northwest Noetic School of Massage, in Spokane, Washington.  Mindy has a passion for understanding movement of the muscles and by blending modalities she is able to assist your body in achieving optimal health and comfort.

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License# LMT20734

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